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One where the asset pipeline focuses on static assets, like images, fonts, sounds, and compiled CSS, using SASS and so on, but bows out of the Java Script compilation game.We still haven’t pinned the final approach, but this is our best current take on how the two could split the work-load of dealing with Java Script, stylesheets, and other assets in the next big Rails release.If you find one, please open an issue on Git Hub and mention me (@kaspth) on it, so that we can fix it before the final release.Here are the checksums for 5.0.5.rc2: $ shasum -a 256 *-5.0.5.rc2dfcbee8aca863312a170b1075d9a740cfaf60c68d9a4351e23d2783dd63450a1 actioncable-5.0.5.rc2c2f6615b14485b4c7b5a9b37712087cd90af5fd3ad0fec470ff3c08660dcfce2 actionmailer-5.0.5.rc2650abc83a3e475169ae8c52b366bb73f358533b0611f53bec102ff3676a94855 actionpack-5.0.5.rc2fd83b598a5e1a76d379f373bd6788e238517f01a1589e99295f5fa67be9e24b0 actionview-5.0.5.rc20ec63149a7f9d8316e37337a151700d34db07b6cf3b326548e54370db2a15779 activejob-5.0.5.rc231a3248f20cd0c8c466e68c50bace354dad56033412d6404c2cfd27aad892bac activemodel-5.0.5.rc2c558ce4d2011a5729d647cc83d19878745a4d1472a2b526f8ba1b54efd4eda98 activerecord-5.0.5.rc273d8d516919c22d27f4d16a241cf7e41ddd152c23d2a6317a62e032ae064b36d activesupport-5.0.5.rc235792281ba2c7af605f2b17453856dd6ee64649d94545e8501ec91db111a6451 rails-5.0.5.rc246111198cde865ba3512a828342fe35810671661fbc58b3f8ae5c749e1372239 railties-5.0.5.rc2$ shasum -a 256 *-5.1.3.rc2f2a510b5f274e7cdb9f18dbab316fe1fa703ba91af5e031fe807355633728b3b actioncable-5.1.3.rc2303c71c3f8d792f07523fb7bb3afb366dd46293fdccfccaf8491f2db00dc93aa actionmailer-5.1.3.rc2d86ac0ffd0dc12cde3ce332b8e4be53b16a8b7b3591c76c75657d114fa26a6fb actionpack-5.1.3.rc2f6666a49474da4261c0bc00e9301e46075fe2c6453cf96033f5f3fa05397ceb5 actionview-5.1.3.rc261d969886d73f1bf16a06c268dabdc890cc68c7c67c531743e81573e3f3acadd activejob-5.1.3.rc2051f8d9fe6811bc8c3be0fc4630db8c740f5d57e3f3a605ca43e02a4790559f8 activemodel-5.1.3.rc29e5671a03f0f6f7c3d1eea4c3320e2ae2c9e614add1d2c086e6ee3efcff56cda activerecord-5.1.3.rc27f953d0e72f934fc6c7b1a2dfd4f2e2c96910b3891c550a8fed682ee8c303722 activesupport-5.1.3.rc2d7ea7b6ee2ad1881f44bec83af5183dad6a52fed6ba7d25430bdab5f2394d067 rails-5.1.3.rc22a95a264a470d65b6aa109ddbfcc451f6cd7c1235cbde9c458c19168773d432d railties-5.1.3.rc2Hi everyone, I am happy to announce that Rails 5.1.3.rc1 and 5.0.5.rc1 have been released.All the standard stuff is now living inside the Webpacker npm module, which makes upgrading so much easier.And you can still overwrite any of the defaults as you please. Additionally, we’ve moved all the compilation and clobber logic out of the Rake tasks and into the Webpacker singleton instance itself.

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This major new release has many contributors, but I want to especially thank Gaurav Tiwari and Javan Makhmali for their big, continued contributions. Hi everyone, I am happy to announce that Rails 5.0.6.rc1 and 5.1.4.rc1 have been released.

Here are the checksums for 5.1.3: $ shasum -a 256 *-5.1.34cfe1343217caa199ce2a2de485a62271b0c81e8c3cf72f7c039c5eddf3c7bd0 actioncable-5.1.3a2841384bb40951e6d63ca78ca665bdfcc792c732825cc2c83ae4b4d05363f67 actionmailer-5.1.355488d20cac3668040f0d2d5531e81318a0fa206ac8f687565c6ec49345c9f45 actionpack-5.1.3b744e9cbb2760754fa4c3c2b57c68916756a5f032fa6307ca362379e02a48857 actionview-5.1.315e98c4bf71941ae81f7e4e7c5d9627c09cd9b4d0c1a36bf94b42910eb8874a3 activejob-5.1.3ad3aa2e0dd9a003ea530e0806dd685e9c5574bfa36bb28aa3d182577c121babb activemodel-5.1.3e83b04f42519e94a0aa51af06e61ea8aaacfa5cb8d67a1aebaf6f11d96ba7725 activerecord-5.1.3b01fa04345c87526fd22affc4e46dd22bf125c608853d13bf093dab08c45219b activesupport-5.1.328c73c5aba5ce71d4bcd6af273be3e565ab7a49abd22fd511dc79fcb36329d19 rails-5.1.39aa1b3abd29a7d71b3f9d04dfce2858a2e86841dd7f3dc696344000c745b1651 railties-5.1.3Hi everyone, I am happy to announce that Rails 5.0.5.rc2 and 5.1.3.rc2 have been released.

If no regressions are found, expect the final release on Monday, July 31, 2017.

If no new regressions are found, expect the final release on Wednesday, September 27, 2017.

If you find a regression, please open an issue on Git Hub and mention me (@eileencodes) on it. You can read about the specific changes in the changelogs on Git Hub: To see the full list of changes, check out all the commits on Git Hub.

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You can organize profile photos into albums and even unlock private photo albums on a one-on-one basis.