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Application release September 2001, HP-UX 11.00 is the first to ship with Perl. The first occurrence is on CD 5012-7954 and can be installed using assuming you have mounted that CD on /cdrom. The C compiler that ships with all HP-UX systems is a K&R compiler that should only be used to build new kernels.That build was a portable hppa-1.1 multithread build that supports large files compiled with gcc-2.9-hppa-991112. Perl can be compiled with either HP's ANSI C compiler or with gcc.The following systems contained PA-RISC 1.0 chips: 705, 710, 712, 715, 720, 722, 725, 728, 730, 735, 742, 743, 744, 745, 747, 750, 755, 770, 777, 778, 779, 800, 801, 803, 806, 807, 809, 811, 813, 816, 817, 819, 821, 826, 827, 829, 831, 837, 839, 841, 847, 849, 851, 856, 857, 859, 867, 869, 877, 887, 891, 892, 897, A180, A180C, B115, B120, B132L, B132L , B160L, B180L, C100, C110, C115, C120, C160L, D200, D210, D220, D230, D250, D260, D310, D320, D330, D350, D360, D410, DX0, DX5, DXO, E25, E35, E45, E55, F10, F20, F30, G30, G40, G50, G60, G70, H20, H30, H40, H50, H60, H70, I30, I40, I50, I60, I70, J200, J210, J210XC, K100, K200, K210, K220, K230, K400, K410, K420, S700i, S715, S744, S760, T500, T520700, 780, 781, 782, 783, 785, 802, 804, 810, 820, 861, 871, 879, 889, 893, 895, 896, 898, 899, A400, A500, B1000, B2000, C130, C140, C160, C180, C180 , C180-XP, C200 , C400 , C3000, C360, C3600, CB260, D270, D280, D370, D380, D390, D650, J220, J2240, J280, J282, J400, J410, J5000, J5500XM, J5600, J7000, J7600, K250, K260, K260-EG, K270, K360, K370, K380, K450, K460, K460-EG, K460-XP, K470, K570, K580, L1000, L2000, L3000, N4000, R380, R390, SD16000, SD32000, SD64000, T540, T600, V2000, V2200, V2250, V2500, V2600HP 9000 A-Class servers, now renamed HP Server rp2400 series.HP 9000 L-Class servers, now renamed HP Server rp5400 series.If you perform a new installation, then (a newer) Perl will be installed automatically. J 32-bit Perl Programming Language with Extensions perl. The former is recommended, as not only can it compile Perl with no difficulty, but also can take advantage of features listed later that require the use of HP compiler-specific command-line flags.Pre-installed HP-UX systems now have more recent versions of Perl and the updated modules. B 32-bit 5.8.8 Perl Programming Language with Extensions perl. B 64-bit 5.8.8 Perl Programming Language with Extensions# swlist -R perl # perl E.5.8.8. If you decide to use gcc, make sure your installation is recent and complete, and be sure to read the Perl INSTALL file for more gcc-specific details.The command-line flags are accepted, but the resulting executable will not run when transferred to a PA-RISC 1.0 system.The original version of PA-RISC, HP no longer sells any system with this chip.

The version of PA-RISC at the time of this document's last update is 2.0, which is also the last there will be.The official (threaded) builds from HP, as they are shipped on the Application DVD/CD's are available on Product Info.do? To see what version is included on the DVD (assumed here to be mounted on /cdrom), issue this command: # swlist -s /cdrom perl # perl D.5.8.8. HP's HP9000 Unix systems run on HP's own Precision Architecture (PA-RISC) chip.product Number=PERL for both PA-RISC and IPF (Itanium Processor Family). HP-UX used to run on the Motorola MC68000 family of chips, but any machine with this chip in it is quite obsolete and this document will not attempt to address issues for compiling Perl on the Motorola chipset.This is because shared libraries created on an Itanium system cannot be loaded while running a PA-RISC executable.HP Itanium 2 systems are usually referred to with model description "HP Integrity". Shared libraries created on a platform using a particular PA-RISC version are not usable on platforms using an earlier PA-RISC version by default.

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The Joan Glancy Memorial Clinic opened in 1941 in a three-room frame cottage on the school grounds.

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The Drake The Drake epitomises old-world glamour in every sense of the word.

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Right now, recent data show that more than 80% of sexually active MSM who meet new partners are meeting online in San Francisco, and then what Deb mentioned is approximation that allows people in dense urban areas who are interested to meet up very quickly in a short amount of time.

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From our years of publishing, writing, reading, researching, interviewing and gabbing, we’ve compiled a list of what we consider to be the best American Revolution books of all time. And this is arguably the most exciting time in history for history.