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Often it's hard to see each other new each day, and sometimes it's good to encourage that. If you have a problem with somebody, often it's something in yourself. You live through all sorts of stuff when you're in a long marriage: real highs and lows, and things that strain — and solidify — your relationship. If you're bored with somebody, it's because you're bored with yourself. “He got up, kind of shaking and hugged me and said ‘I hate you.I really don’t like you.’ And I was like ‘Wow, okay. ’ And he said, ‘I cannot sanction your buffoonery.’”not To be fair, “I cannot sanction your buffoonery” is one of the classiest slams of the last century, because it not only insulted Carrey, but also implied that Jones was in a position to sanction — or in this case sanction — his costar’s behavior.“He did not want to work with me at that time,” Carrey told Stern, stating the obvious. People may get crotchety, mean, but it's because they hold life to a high standard. My father was passionate about his work as a surgeon until he developed macular degeneration later in life. But while you've got your health, you have everything. Meryl, three of your four children are now working in film and theater. MS: He does something entirely different all the time. We have polo fields on our ranch in San Saba, Texas, and in Palm Beach County, Fla., and Argentina. MS: Yeah, if you've ever watched a match — oh, my God! It's not a piece of cake by any means, but when I say I'm lucky, I do appreciate that. Do either of you think about doing something else entirely different? We raise commercial mother cows, and we also raise, train, sell and play polo horses. You fall in cross-country and it's a soft landing — you're not headlong into a tree. " During his early years Tommy grew interested in sports, BMX bicycles and motorcycles, in addition to soccer. Tommy Lee Jones has fashioned an amazing career out of playing gruff, angry men, a character archetype not all that far removed from his off-screen demeanor.

At first glance, they would seem the unlikeliest of couples. Keeping Life Fun So what would you say is the key to keeping things "new"? TLJ: I always told my children when they whined "I'm bored, Dad" that "Only the boring are bored." MS: I'm going to steal that! While Hope Springs is about marital passion, it's also about finding passion in everything you do.

Now real-life empty nesters, Streep and Jones drew from experience for their roles in Hope Springs, in which 60-somethings Kay (Streep) and Arnold (Jones) sleep in separate bedrooms.

That is until Kay decides to reignite the flame between them and drags her uninterested husband to an intensive marital-therapy week with Dr. The film, with jaw-dropping directness in risqué sex scenes, follows Kay and Arnold as they attempt to reconnect. TLJ: My daughter's a second-year acting student, and it's fun to share these things — although my kids are very tough critics.

The classically beautiful Meryl Streep was her New Jersey high school's homecoming queen and always compassionate and willing. Strange bedfellows unless you ask director David Frankel (The Devil Wears Prada), who cast Streep and Jones as the leads in his film, Hope Springs, a portrait of a midlife couple grasping to regain their sexual passion. I'm not like that at all, but I know people who are. If you could call anyone you know for marriage advice, who would it be? How do you continue to be passionate about life as you age? But I just lost two really close friends in the last two years, and, man, you realize you've got just seconds. I mean, my kids wouldn't dare say they were bored to me.

Tommy Lee Jones, in contrast, came from rural Texas, where even in youth, his face seemed to mirror his hardscrabble environment, carved with lines like a peach pit. "Tommy's an extraordinary actor first, but he's also sexy," says Frankel. from the Yale School of Drama, makes reference to the Roman poet Lucretius.) They claim four Oscars between them but cite their offspring as their proudest accomplishment. But, obviously, you understood a reluctance to talk about and confront the issue of sexual intimacy? MS: Well, I find the older I get, the more intense my appetite for living and for appreciating life gets.

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Formal charges have yet to be filed in the case; prosecutors say they are still waiting for the results of blood tests.

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