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Projection after 2-3 hours is below average at best.Would be a good choice for close encounters during spring/summer days. I don’t care if its cheaper clone is ubiquitous at Walmart and Shoppers. It has this sort of lilly-pad-scented-soap note that I find strangely arousing.Let's not ignore the fact that GIT is one of the most popular sellers in the Creed range so there is a rather large number of nose/skin combinations worldwide that love it. Fragrances almost always last a very long time on my skin, and I can smell this one for maybe 4 hours with so-so projection for the first hour or two. I'm going to have to grab another sample at some point just to see, but right now I can't imagine spending even on this. When I first got Himalaya, I kept staring at my shelves knowing I already owned this scent, gazing right past GIT for obvious reasons, the Himalayas aren't in Ireland, and they're not green.

Would still buy this if i didn't have or had heard of the Armaf because it does smell great. Forget the comparison with Cool Water or Tres Nuit.

Still smells amazing if you happen to take a strong whiff of yourself.

I reckon this can be applied once more mid-afternoon early evening depending on how it's lasting on your skin.

My first cologne from Creed house was Aventus, and I did not get any quality as I expect based on it reviewers. It has a great quality and very pleasant scent character but i tell you what, and this is coming from someone who loves Creed, Armaf Tres Nuit did an absolutely blinding job replicating this scent character!

GIT is my second; on my skin GIT smell better than Aventus and I get 12 hour performance. I would go as far as saying it is the best like for like clone on the market, smelling at least 95% similar.

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There is nothing posed or faked inside my site, we do not pay people to model, everyone you will find inside are 4 Real!

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Hyde almost always refers to and addresses his parents by their first names (Edna, Bud) or their initials (William Barnett).

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A może odległość nie ma dla Ciebie żadnego znaczenia? Odnajdź miłość w mieście z wyjątkową historią i klimatem. Hey Date wychodzi na przeciw Twoim potrzebom i oczekiwaniom.