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The one annoying thing about the Monster in town is its monstrous turning radius.Thumb it over to Touring mode, and my only other complaint is that the Monster’s too powerful. After we’d adjusted to the Desmodromic Variable Timing in the new Multistrada we rode last month, which greatly broadens this engine’s powerband, the Monster’s 11-degree Testastretta without it suddenly feels a little peaky.Our optional Touring Screen is a bit tall for my liking, but BMW offers a shorter Sport one too: also same-key saddlebags and a top box, four different seats, a GPS with optional Garmin Smartphone Link for congestion information in real time, up-to-the-minute weather forecasts, etc., etc.With our test unit’s Comfort Package (heated grips, chrome exhaust pipe and tire pressure monitors) and Touring Package (electronic suspension, cruise control, centerstand, luggage mounts, etc.), along with the keyless ride fob, and Gear Shift Assistant Pro, you’re looking at ,490 – about 00 more than the Ducati. You’re also looking at a bike you could actually set out for Kathmandu upon (after you pay another however many hundreds for the bags), a thing few would want to do on the Monster.Sadly, since we were riding and working, we barely got the chance to taste anything and had to spit when we did… Try the Mistura, Doffo’s own excellent red blend, if you make it out that way. Temecula’s turning into its own little Napa Valley.Damian pointed us to a couple of excellent roads we’d never heard of just a few miles away. But even on the tight, twisty little backroads Damian Doffo pointed us to, the stoic German bike still seemed to have no problem keeping right up with the extroverted Italian one – the Ducati might gap the BMW a tad if there’s a straight, but the BMW’s excellent balance lets it close back up on the brakes, and its superior low-rpm torque has it right up the Duc’s tailpipe after the next corner.On a racetrack, the Ducati might make short work of the BMW (both have plenty of ground clearance for road use). But enough of this gritty industrial overpopulated seaport angst-ridden sausage-fest already! I’d dialed out most of the compression and rebound damping from the Duc’s shock, and it handled the 30-mile stretch of I-5 in complete comfort, the 80-mph breeze spilling unmolested over its nose perfect for relieving the small amount of pressure it puts on the wrists, the big V-Twin loping perfectly smoothly along at 5000-or-so rpm, God bless the 90-degree Twin. Riding positions on both bikes are ideal for urban use (TR on the BMW is a few inches longer than me), and nearly interchangeable; the BMW is a tiny bit more upright with a bit more legroom, and serves up 5.5 inches of delicious ESA-controlled compliance at each end, nearly on par with the Ducati’s Öhlins pieces.I think the real reason we brought the Ducati out was because we’ve been looking for a reason to visit Doffo Winery, over the coastal mountains down south of L. Wheelbases are nearly identical; the BMW steers a smidge slower, with 4.9-in.

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Thumb ESA from Dynamic to Road (there’s no Touring), turn on the cruise control and set it easily with your left thumb, and it’s hard to see how life could get much better if you’re a person who likes to ride smooth, comfortable, powerful motorcycles.

The Ultra was two laps of that course, whereas the Sprint was a shortened experience of about 5 miles. Hunters are gearing up for the start of Vermont’s 16-day rifle deer season that begins Saturday, Nov.

The Ducati Monster 1200S didn’t do so great against most of the other players in last year’s Super Naked Street Brawl, but mostly because two of the other four were our Motorcycle of the Year KTM Super Duke R and the BMW S1000R, which came within a whisker of overcoming the incredible SDR.

The 132 horses up top are like having your burrito wet. No problem: The Weinerschnitzel on PCH in Wilmington is the very first one, dating all the way back to the mid-20th century (1961).

Yeah, well, the Super Duke R made 96 pound-feet and 156 hp. As you can see, this one adheres to the classic Boxer engine architecture, with its drive-thru bisecting the two horizontally-opposed halves of the structure. There are no coincidences in Deutschland, mein Herr.

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The comedian’s on-again, off-again girlfriend, Gelila Bekele, gave birth to healthy son Aman Tyler Perry on November 30.

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