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I thought if people need the old Reader, they can get it from Self Service.

Yeah, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is just a gem of a name isn't it? Anyway, Reader DC installs a new application, because, well, its a new application. You can have both installed at the same time, though I can't imagine any reason to do that. If you really want to have it remove the older application, that's certainly doable.

if [ -e "/Applications/Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.app" ]; then currentinstalledver=`/usr/bin/defaults read /Applications/Adobe\ Acrobat\ Reader\ DC.app/Contents/Info CFBundle Short Version String` echo "Current installed version is: $currentinstalledver" if [ $ = $ ]; then echo "Adobe Reader DC is current.

Exiting" exit 0 fi else currentinstalledver="none" echo "Adobe Reader DC is not installed" fi ARCurr Vers Normalized=$( echo $latestver | sed -e 's/[.]//g' -e 's/20//' ) echo "ARCurr Vers Normalized: $ARCurr Vers Normalized" url="" url1=" DC/$/Acro Rdr DC_$_MUI.dmg" url2="" #Build URL url=`echo "$$"` echo "Latest version of the URL is: $url" # Compare the two versions, if they are different or Adobe Reader is not present then download and install the new version. = "$" ]; then /bin/echo "`date`: Current Reader DC version: $" $ /bin/rm /tmp/$ #double check to see if the new version got updated newlyinstalledver=`/usr/bin/defaults read /Applications/Adobe\ Acrobat\ Reader\ DC.app/Contents/Info CFBundle Short Version String` if [ "$" = "$" ]; then /bin/echo "`date`: SUCCESS: Adobe Reader has been updated to version $" $ # /Library/Application\ Support/JAMF/bin/jamf Helper.app/Contents/Mac OS/jamf Helper -window Type hud -title "Adobe Reader Updated" -description "Adobe Reader has been updated." & else /bin/echo "`date`: ERROR: Adobe Reader update unsuccessful, version remains at $." @jwojda The whole Acrobat Reader thing is still messing me up -- who in their right mind thought that was a good name for this -- the script itself is awesome and I'm using it in our Yosemite image.

@joe.farage I've been using your script for some time and I just wanted to say its awesome!

Recently however, I have seen some oddities...reference link from Adobe maybe changed? Submitting log to https://jss.teslamotors.com:8443/ Executing Policy Adobe Acrobat Reader DC...

I ran it again, and it detected that it was installed! Also, I'd recommend an option for this script to both remove the non-DC version, plus set/override the default system extension handler to use the DC version when a user tried to open a PDF.I haven't had the chance to contribute yet to the original creator. I'm not sure there is any work around for Adobe screw ups. Just want to chime in to say I have seen the same issue with one of my own scripts that updates Reader DC.Changes to:line 40: latestver - added a 'cut' to the endline 44: removed 'sed' commandline 59: remove the second 'sed' commandline 63: removed (seems to work fine without it as line 66 is the same)line 83: commented out, added additional line for 'umount' command (found it worked better) These changes with EA looking at: defaults read "/Applications/Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.app/Contents/Info.plist" CFBundle Version Result in one of the following: Script result: Latest Version is: 15.009.20069 Adobe Reader DC is not installed ARCurr Vers Normalized: 1500920069 Latest version of the URL is: DC/1500920069/Acro Rdr DC_1500920069_Hi @ryan.s @millersc !! I can only assume they released '77 and then pulled it for some reason. The current version posted from Adobe seems to be .20069, but I have .20077 installed on my Mac.Also its possible to implement the mst file explained above on Adobe Reader 11 section! To deploy packages on sccm also you can visit the post: Deploying Package SCCM If you have any question about silent install Adobe Reader, do feel free to ask in the comment section.Please rate use if this article was helpful to you!

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