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And those kinds of wounds can take a lifetime to heal and will inevitably carry over into your next relationship.If you end up in a place where you fear rejection, you’ll start to anticipate it and then you’ll be more likely to be rejected, thus confirming your initial prediction and affirming your belief that anyone you like won’t like you, which may pave the way for more rejection and on and on the vicious cycle goes.

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It doesn’t matter how beautiful, smart, funny, charming, or awesome you are, there will be times when you meet people who just don’t see it.

And if a guy does reject you, then it means he’s not the one for you and can’t appreciate how great you are and you should be thankful that he pulled the plug before you wasted anymore time.

When someone rejects us, most of us will immediately think there must be something intrinsically wrong with us, I mean, why else would he dismiss us? Maybe their life is overly complicated at the moment, maybe they’re overburdened, maybe they are in a cynical place in their lives and are unable to see the good in others.

I know it can feel really personal when someone rejects you, like you and aren’t good enough to get what you want, but it happens to everyone.

Every supermodel was rejected by countless agencies before she found the one who saw her potential, beautiful women get rejected and cheated on, the smartest people don’t always get the job…

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My friend and I flashed each other devilish glances and I interjected, “We’re gay.

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Justin Lehmiller,a social psychologist in the Department of Psychology at Harvard University in his blog, the Psychology of Human Sexuality.

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