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Support this site Yes, I read the article, but I still find it strange that there are multiple observations which point to billions of years of time, yet the Bible is the only thing which points to a few thousand years of time.I will give you the benefit of the doubt and say that carbon dating is not accurate at dates longer than a few thousand years, but there are so many other observable things which point to billions of years of time rather than a few thousand.If that chronology is wrong, as many think, the calibration is wrong. But don't forget to compare to what is already available on creation.com: Dendrochronology is used to determine variations in the C14/C12 ratio, but dendrochronology has assumptions that are not always valid (see bristlecone pine dating). Yes, a decreasing magnetic field strength would allow for more cosmic rays to enter the atmosphere over time, which would induce increased rates of 14C production and throw off any ancient measurement with respect to modern values. This does not mean that recalibration is bad, indeed it is necessary, but it should make one more soberly assess any reported dates as being tentative.The problem is that most people reporting on these issues fail to report the initial number along with the calibrated date. The Jericho controversy is soundly rooted in C-14 calibration.Note the clear references to a "plateau in the calibration curve" from 2500 to 2900BC, which would be due to the flood.

The accuracy of the machines is not in question (especially modern ones, which are astoundingly accurate when properly zeroed in). But, any source of old carbon in the ancient environment can affect the amount of C-14 in a sample.There are enough uncertainties in the physical history of earth to throw great uncertainty on the early dates.A variable rate would only make the case worse for secular archaeology.They even miss the flood when it is staring them in the face. Paul, Sadly, I could not include the URL in your reply, but the article you cited was interesting nonetheless. Olsson (Ed.), Radiocarbon Variations and Absolute Chronology, Proc.

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The following section explains five tips on how to seduce a married woman with words. I have tried using statements such as ‘you are outstanding’ or ‘you are spectacular’.

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By default the Data Grid doubleclick event is turned off.

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This article explains what each of these most common digital camera modes means and does.