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Ibn al-Baitar in the early 13th century wrote: "Among the people of the Maghreb it is called rahj al-ghār" (literally: "cavern powder").رزمة rizma, bale, bundle.Paper itself was introduced to the Latins via the Arabs in and around the 12th and 13th centuries – the adoption by the Latins went slowly; history of paper.But the source of the English word was medieval Italian.The "-fur" or "-far" part of the Arabic word mutated in Italian to "-flore | -fiore" which is Italian for flower. Crossref muslin which entered English and other Western languages about the same time.The bird meaning for Arabic rukhkh may have come from Persian too. All available evidence supports the view that the two meanings of Arabic rukhkh sprang from two independent and different roots.سبخة sabkha, salt marsh.

"The word might well have followed the coin into oblivion, but in the 19th century it managed to get itself applied to the small round shiny pieces of metal applied to clothing."شيخ shaīkh, sheikh.

Also in the early 19th century, elemental potassium was isolated for the first time and was soon afterwards given the scientific abbreviation K representing a created Latin name Kalium, which was derived from 18th century scientific Latin Kali meaning potassium carbonate, which goes back etymologically to medieval Arabic al-qalī, which for the medieval Arabs was a mixture of potassium carbonate and sodium carbonate.نارنج nāranj, orange (a citrus fruit).

Arabic descends from Sanskritic nāraṅga = "orange" (a citrus fruit). It was introduced to the Mediterranean region by the Arabs in the early 10th century, at which time all oranges were bitter oranges.

Parrots were imported to medieval Europe via Arabic speakers.

In medieval times, realgar was used as a rodent poison, as a corrosive, and as a red paint pigment. Other names for it in medieval Arabic writings include "red arsenic" and "rodent poison".

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In that he says he started coaching 2 guys with IT jobs, one of whom remained there, one of whom went on to start his own company and become a millionaire.

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In business, Scorpios tend to easily gather wealth, they make very wise business decisions and they are very conservative about spending their money.

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It’s 7 hours/180 pages of advice that takes you through the entire process of online dating chronologically. All you can do is change your mindset and approach to the dating process and let the chips fall where they may.